Teaching Tantric Sex

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So, I’m at the bookstore and this young and innocent looking redhead walks in. I observed Alaina Dawson for a few seconds then offered her my services. She wanted a book on tantric sex. I didn’t have one to offer her so I let her know about my experience in the subject matter. I decided to teach her some of my moves, but it turns out she was doing all the teaching. This innocent little darling has a wild side. She can slobber a mean dick. She took the cock and begged for more! I’m glad I had my camera on me.

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Shy Young Girl Does Anal

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Alaina Dawson is a hot young student who’s dream is to study in Europe, and she yearns to be in France. Having to take a French course in order to fulfil her dream, her parents hire a sexy French tutor to help her along her way. Mr Claude is a very focused, strict teacher, and Alaina loves nothing more than to tease and flirt with him whenever they are together. The trouble is that her parents are always around at the most inopportune times. Luckily, one day they are going to be a little later than usual, and Mr Claude is at the house for one of Alaina’s regular lessons. When he leaves to use the restroom, Alaina knows exactly how to get his attention… When he returns, there’s no way he will be able to resist her advances.

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