Creampie for Alaina

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Alaina Dawson was hanging out in the bathroom, making funny faces to herself. One look at this cutie and you could tell that she was a shy one. But after introducing her to the big stud that she would suck and fuck, we were surprised to find out that she’s more than capable of handling a big cock inside that tight, pretty pussy of hers!

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Alaina Dawson gets twisted up with a big cock

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Alaina Dawson likes to pretend she’s a nice, wholesome girl. She invited her friend Chris over for a little of Twister. How nice right? Alaina is not the nice girl she pretends to be, though. Her devious plan was to lure Chris to her abode. She wanted him to shove his massive cock down her throat and manumit his sperm from his testicles, splashing all over her pretty little face. She’s not above cheating at Twister in order to get what she wants. Alaina lets Chris know she’s open and available for him after setting her little trap. Chris walks right in, big cock swinging. Alaina gags and deepthroats it til her pussy demands he that he shove that big old fuck stick inside her. Right hand blue, left leg yellow, big cock goes deep in pink. Chris pounds Alaina so good she just begs him to leave his wad smeared all over her face. Left-hand green, right leg red, a huge load of cum dripping all over Alaina’s face!

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Seducing your sister's boyfriend with Alaina Dawson

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Alaina Dawson came home to a bit of a surprise. Her sister’s boyfriend, Chris, was hanging out on the couch. Chris hasn’t heard from Alaina’s sister and he doesn’t have any idea where she is. Alaina checks her phone messages at Chris’ request and discovers her sister won’t be home for a while. What Chris doesn’t know is that Alaina has been crushing on him big time for over the last six months. She’s lusted after Chris since catching him fucking her sister. She’s been wanting that big cock all for herself ever since. With knowledge of her sister’s whereabouts limited only to her, Alaina unleashes a wicked plan. She tells Chris her sister wants him waiting blindfolded, and naked, for her in bed. Chris finds this a bit strange, but Alaina’s sister can be a bit freaky at times. Like when she knew her little sister was watching her fuck but she was getting off on it and wouldn’t let Chris stop. So Chris takes the blindfold and off he goes to the bedroom, waiting for Alaina’s sister. Well, Alaina snuck in and shoved Chris’ big cock in her mouth. Dreams do come true. Chris remained in the dark until taking off the blindfold. Then he realized, oh snap, it’s my girlfriend’s sister sucking on my cock! Chris ain’t no dummy in this type of situation. He asks the most important questions. Your sister won’t be home anytime soon right? Alaina confirms and proceeds to ride his big cock. Chris leaves a load all over her face as a thank you for her efforts.

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Football Slut

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Alaina Dawson loves the cock, but she hates Sundays when her boyfriend is busy watching football. She tried everything to try to get him to fuck her while watching the game, but nothing would work. until she had the brilliant idea to dress up in training gear and have her boyfriend show her how to play that D. Her plan worked out great! Alaina’s boyfriend took the bait and was gear to show her how a real man handles the football. she was showing her how to stretch and even some passes. all that exercise got Alaina’s boyfriend all horny and he brought her inside and fucked her on the sidelines!

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Teaching Tantric Sex

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So, I’m at the bookstore and this young and innocent looking redhead walks in. I observed Alaina Dawson for a few seconds then offered her my services. She wanted a book on tantric sex. I didn’t have one to offer her so I let her know about my experience in the subject matter. I decided to teach her some of my moves, but it turns out she was doing all the teaching. This innocent little darling has a wild side. She can slobber a mean dick. She took the cock and begged for more! I’m glad I had my camera on me.

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Shy Young Girl Does Anal

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Alaina Dawson is a hot young student who’s dream is to study in Europe, and she yearns to be in France. Having to take a French course in order to fulfil her dream, her parents hire a sexy French tutor to help her along her way. Mr Claude is a very focused, strict teacher, and Alaina loves nothing more than to tease and flirt with him whenever they are together. The trouble is that her parents are always around at the most inopportune times. Luckily, one day they are going to be a little later than usual, and Mr Claude is at the house for one of Alaina’s regular lessons. When he leaves to use the restroom, Alaina knows exactly how to get his attention… When he returns, there’s no way he will be able to resist her advances.

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Alaina Dawson Gets Some

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Alaina Dawson is all grown up. She’s now in college and is looking hotter than ever. Our man Chris goes over to her dad’s house to hang out with him. He’ll do anything to get closer to Alaina. After a little bit of flirting, Alaina invited Chris to her room. Chris sneaks into her room for a quick fuck session. He pounded that pussy until it couldn’t take any more. After busting all over that pretty little face of hers, Chris rushed back to continue the card game with her father…

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Welcome to Alaina Dawson’s blog

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Welcome to this free blog devoted to delightful Alaina Dawson!

This is not the Official Alaina Dawson website, you could say this is a Fan Site. I update this blog as often as I can with new free Alaina Dawson pictures, videos and tubes. Whenever I have news about Alaina Dawson, you will read it here! Don’t hesitate to add nice comments about our favorite adult star 😉 Thank you!

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